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Web Tips: Be Ready To Be Hit By A Bus

An unstructured list of experiences, pet peeves, and advice surrounding interactive design and development. Let’s make something clear right now: I’m not a trained web developer. Nor am I any sort of interactive expert in my opinion. But I have been involved in the design and production of websites for clients for many years. So, […]

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Getting Real: 37signals on Web App Development Processes

I’ve always appreciated defined methodologies and well documented processes with steps, procedures and documentation. It’s long been an accepted approach to developing design or technology solutions. And nowhere has this been more true than with web and software development. But these days, with Agile Programming and Open Source Communities combined with the mind-boggling rate of […]

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Smart Messaging Using 404 Error

Marketers, strategists and gurus often preach about the importance of messaging, but often overlook simple and effective opportunities to reinforce focused messaging to an audience. Here’s an example of a company with a powerful message using a creative approach to squeezing the most out of its Web user experience.

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