New TWU Spartans Identity Launched

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Trinity Western University (TWU) launched their contemporary new Spartans Athletics logo, designed by the team at Industrial Brand. The new logo, meant to symbolize modern day warriors, has been well received by faculty, students, alumni and the public as reported in this Langley Advance article, with TWU Athletics Director Murray Hall calling the new identity “a bit of a watershed moment, a defining moment.”

There’s a brief history of the TWU Spartans logo on their website which is interesting, including this:

From the beginning of the logo redesign process, several issues became very clear. It was important that the new logo remain true to the identity of the TWU Spartans. It had to clearly articulate who we are in light of the ancient Spartan values we aspire to. It was imperative that the new logo build on our history, not erase it.

Great effort was made to follow our history, and the helmet on the latest version of the Spartan logo is more in keeping with the actual battle helmet that the ancient warriors of Sparta wore into campaigns. This is also the look that was achieved with the original TWC logo from the early 70’s providing a strong tie to our logo roots.

It was important that the new logo be more versatile and simple, yet classic in design. In short he new logo had to clearly state who we are in name as well as in design, and to represent the values we hold to as Spartans. With these things in mind, the process began to unfold and eventually the new logo was born.


4 Responses to “New TWU Spartans Identity Launched”

  1. Mark Busse

    That is actually custom, hand-drawn letterforms inspired buy classic typefaces such as Times New Roman. Glad you like it Todd!

  2. Allyn Richardson

    I am a first time youth basketball coach in Oklahoma City. Our kids have decided on the name “Spartans”. To make a long story short we would really like to wear the same font (name) that was used for the TWU logo. What do we need to do in order for the print shop to produce the font? We do not want to violate any copyright infringements. Any assistance in utilizing this wonderful font would be appreciated.

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Allyn C. Richardson

  3. Mark Busse

    The Spartans identity is unique and trademarked as the property of Trinity Western University.

    Any use of either the logo or wordmark would be copyright infringement without their express permission. Sorry.


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