My Internship at Industrial Brand

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For the past three and a half months I have been an intern at Industrial Brand, and what a journey it has been. I have learnt a lot about the business of design and every step in between from how to write an RFP response to preparing production ready files to organizing a 16TB server chock-a-block full of archives and files up to 14 years old! The whole design process: beginning to end. Come on, what more could you ask for out of an internship, really! It’s awesome!

For all of you who know the team at Industrial Brand personally, I think we can all safely say they say a lot of random things. During my internship I have published a series of quotes on my blog that the members at Industrial Brand have said at the office. Half of the team did not know they have been secretly recorded for this purpose… SURPRISE! Some of the quotes have been censored out (for good reason) and some have been forgotten through time. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed listening to these five unforgettable people.

Here are a couple examples:

For the rest, check out my Tumblr page:

What I have learnt at Industrial Brand is invaluable, and definitely unforgettable. I have been able to see and contribute to multiple projects, some from the beginning of the design discovery process, and some projects as they are coming to an end and being sent to press. One thing I know now from interning at Industrial Brand, as funny as it may sound, is that there is so much I do not know. School can only teach you so much, and until you are in a working environment and get a real grasp at what you are doing, it’s only then that you get to use those skills they taught you at school and apply them.

There are many things I shall miss at Industrial Brand. I shall miss: Charlie running into furniture when we moved things around the office, the morning banters, the ‘tining’ sound of iPhones going off, the random jokes and off topic conversations that never end, and the random one liners that keep me laughing. Most importantly I shall miss the people at Industrial Brand. This office is made up of five very uniquely different team members who all bring a new perspective and individuality to the team.  How they bring together each members’ individual styles into the projects, while listening and guiding one another through the design process I will never know. All I know is that I will miss it.

I will now pack my backpack with books and a K4 sandwich and go back to school, finishing my 4th year of BA Graphic Design for Marketing Degree Program at Kwantlen. Thank you Industrial Brand for everything. Your knowledge and wisdom is invaluable. During this summer I have viewed the team as my Yoda, my Jedi Master of communication design.

Good luck. Farwell… and I am just a text message away in case something is lost on the server.

Thank you!  Nikole Japuncic


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  1. Mark Busse

    It’s been a great pleasure to have such a keen and capable young designer with us this summer Nikole. It’s been fun watching you learn things so quickly, and you’ve felt like a part of the team since the first week. We’ll miss you.

    Enjoy your fancy new iPhone 4 and think of us every time you use it!

    Now hurry up and graduate so we can hire you!

  2. Mark Busse

    Below is a reference letter written for Nikole after her departure from Industrial Brand. It says it all.

    To whom it may concern,

    It would not surprise me if you have read numerous reference letters filled with high praise for various applicants and now take them all with a grain of salt. I hope you see past that and recognize the unique individual that is Nikole Japuncic.

    Nikole came to Industrial Brand as a 4th year Kwantlen design student and worked for three months as a design intern in the summer of 2010. In hindsight, Nikole performed less like an intern and more at the level of a capable junior designer—let alone like a student. In the short time we enjoyed working with her, it became abundantly clear that Nikole was a special young woman with much to offer beyond her design, organizational, and communication skills.

    Nikole’s job duties started with typical intern tasks, but quickly evolved into client communications, organizational duties, and even lead design and production on a few projects. She quickly became a valued member of our team who always managed to complete tasks early, with a keen attention to detail, and always with a smile on her face. She was an asset to our organization and we miss her.

    Nikole is a motivated young woman. She quietly demands the respect of those around her through her actions and she carries herself professionally as someone much older than her years. Her innate intelligence, natural intuition, effective problem-solving abilities, and work ethic are those of a much more seasoned professional. She’s incredibly creative, both in the artistic sense as well as the strategic business sense—a powerful combination indeed. And her positive attitude and calm demeanor when under pressure make her a natural born leader with a lot of potential.

    Nikole’s chair at Industrial Brand will soon be filled; she, however, will never be replaced. Our sincere hope, in fact, is that she will graduate from her design program and return to us as full-time employee. So whoever you are—don’t think you’ll get to keep Nikole for long. We want her back! 🙂

    I hope that this reference letter doesn’t need to be tempered by any grains of salt, but rather hits home in ways that reveal Nikole as the best candidate for whatever job she is being considered for. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me anytime at 604-817-4388.

    Sincerely yours,
    Mark Busse


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