Mermaids don’t have two tails!

Mark Busse – No Comments

Have you ever wondered why the mermaid in Starbucks’ logo has two tails? She’s actually a mythological twin-tailed siren called Mulesine found in a 15th century French fable. The story goes that Mulesine married a mariner (who I guess figured he’d scored big by marrying a pretty young mermaid) but she would never let him see her in the bath. Wait…mermaids take BATHS? Anyway, the legend is that eventually her husband spied her scrubbing down her scaly pair of fish gams in the tub and freaked out. She disappeared forever. What that has to do with a coffee shop is beyond me, but apprently a mermaid with two tails can seduce stupid land lubbers for only so long – until he actually sees her naked I guess. did they have children? What a dumb fable.

There’s another interesting story behind recent revisions to the Starbucks logo to make it “less naughty” that you can read about here: Less Naughty