Blogs, Mad About Design—already out of date

Mark Busse – No Comments


There’s a new book that’s been published by maomao publications called Blogs, Mad about Design, featuring profiles and screenshots from more than 250 blogs about design-related topics—including this blog. Sort of a compendium of sorts. But is it really?


The irony about producing anything about the web in print is that as soon as you’ve published it, it’s out of date. Case in point? We re-branded the company and re-launched the blog before the book ever made it to print. Hence, the Industrial Brand double page spread showcases our old design, back when it was called We’re Not Wired Right. And there are numerous other blogs and websites that have since changed or even been shut down since this material for this book was assembled.

And so it goes with books about Web—as soon as something has hit, it’s almost too late to publish anything that will have any lasting use more that a short period of time.